Natalie nude in athletic studio profile, b&w photo by Craig Morey
Classic Black & White Nudes

Morey-Art presents a complete and growing collection of Craig Morey’s black & white fine art erotic photography, available here with no third-party censorship. We offer not only hand-signed prints, but also unique photographic collectibles available nowhere else. (Coming soon: ebooks, special edition prints, and original proof sheets from the b&w film sessions.)

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B&W photo, abstract explicit close-up of model Anne, © 1999 by Craig Morey
The “Y” Portolio

We call this black & white collection The “Y” Portfolio, referencing the shape created by legs and pubic mound when photographed in a cropped close-up format. This series of about a dozen photos is composed primarily of work done in the 90’s, and shot on b&w film.  For serious collectors, ask about a discounted price on the whole collection, using our contact page

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Erotic b&w nude photo of model Trisha © Craig Morey 1999
Explicit / Erotic Art

Artistic erotic photography and explicit nude artwork is increasingly difficult to find on platforms available to the general public. This is a privately owned site, with no third-party censorship, and we offer a complete selection of Morey’s work here.

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Erotic Art Books

Craig Morey is the author of 9 books of fine art and erotic photography, including 6 monographs under the pseudonym Quinn Dolan. Some are out of print, but we do have a very limited number of first edition copies of many of the books, which are all available signed by the photographer. (Books can be personalized or inscribed to the buyer, if requested) Availability of certain titles changes week to week, so send an inquiry via the Contact form regarding titles you are looking for but cannot find on the site.

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Ayla & Paris nude models, b&w photo by Craig Morey ©1992
Penthouse Collection (1988-1994)

From 1988. to 1994, Morey worked as contract photographer for Penthouse International, shooting b&w erotic art photos for various publications in the US and Europe. This work was shot primarily in San Francisco and Portland, and was all done on film, using a medium format Hasselblad manual camera.

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Ken Marcus Collection (Playboy and Penthouse Magazines)

Ken Marcus is one of America’s most famous erotic photographers. His work has been regularly presented in Playboy & Penthouse and featured in television (Baywatch) and movies. He served as Artist-In-Resident at the Yosemite National Park Museum (where he was Ansel Adams’ youngest student) and is recognized as one of Hollywood’s top glamour and nude photographers, with subjects ranging from celebrities and centerfolds to fine art nude fetish models. Ken has recently relocated to the Las Vegas area, and is now offering signed prints to the public for the first time. See more at

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Nude color photo of model Mia in Prague, by Craig Morey ©2006
Prague Erotica Collection

In 2006 Morey began exploring much more explicit imagery, working with Eastern European models in Prague, London and Normandy, using high resolution state-of-the-art Nikon digital cameras. Traditional sales and auction sites have been unwilling to host many of these photos, but we are offering a censor-free environment here for those who wish to view and purchase this artwork.

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Natalie in handcuffs and corset, b&w photo by Craig Morey
Rope Bondage & BDSM Collection

Some of Morey’s work in the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s involved stylized bondage and BDSM themes. The most well-known series from this period was the 1996 session with popular iconic model Natalie. All of her rope and bondage photos will appear in this collection, along with many other models, including Dita Von Teese.

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Nude portrait of Helena, color photo by Craig Morey © 2005
Nude Portraits

Even the most erotic artwork is sometimes also a revealing portrait of the subject, or simply just a beautiful face.

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