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Giclee Prints

The default print sold on this site is a heavy weight fiber-based giclee type, size 8.5×11. 

The word “giclee” refers to a specific kind of high dpi sprayed ink process. We use state-of-the-art high resolution 9-color archival pigment ink printers which produce beautiful stable artworks rated at 100+ years, if cared for properly.

The prints are made from either original negatives (via high res scanning) or from high res “raw” digital files, processed and printed using professional software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Darkroom Prints

From the late 1970s until around 2004, I made black & white prints in the darkroom. If you purchased b&w prints directly from me, made during that period, you would have received a hand-made silver gelatin print, printed from a b&w negative, in either 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20 size.

In some cases, the b&w prints offered on this site can also be made as darkroom prints, although the prices are considerably higher. Please use our Contact page to inquire about that, and get a quote.

Larger Prints

Most photos listed on this site can be made in larger sizes, from 11×14 up to 30×40, and in some cases even bigger. For pricing and details, please use our Contact page for inquiries.

Limited Edition Prints

Currently we offer the 8.5×11 giclee prints in an open numbered edition – meaning that each print has a unique ID number written on the back, and there is (theoretically) no limit to the total number in that size that could be made. The first three of the edition are held back for the estate, so the first print offered for sale will be #004. (It should be noted that most photos will never sell more than 10 or 20 copies, and only a very few of my most popular prints are now numbered over #050, and only one (Dita C06) has gotten close to 100.)

Larger sizes of prints are made in limited editions of 50 or less. 

B&W vs Color Prints

Photos made prior to 2006, using traditional film are, for the most part, only available in black & white. There are a few exceptions, from sessions where color film was used, and those photos will usually be posted on the site only in color.

From 2006 onward, almost all of the work was shot using digital cameras. The nature of the digital files make them easily translatable into a very nice black & white version, so most of the images from this period will be listed in both color and b&w versions on the site. 

Most photos listed on this site can be made in larger sizes, from 11×14 up to 30×40, and in some cases even bigger. For pricing and details, please use our Contact page for inquiries.

Signature & Notations

Each 8.5×11 print is hand-signed and dated in ink on the front, lower right corner. On the back at the bottom, there are archival ink notations for the title and ID* of the image, location and year of the shoot, and the edition number. And in the center back, I sign and date each print again, in pencil.**  There is also a studio label affixed to the center top on the back.

We keep a detailed record of each print sold, buyer, price, and date of purchase (as of December 2021, we have sold over 10,000 prints!)

  • What do the title and ID mean” some have asked. The title is almost always the name of the model plus the film roll and frame number of the exposure (for photos shot on film) or the frame number from the digital camera.
  • * “Why are the prints signed twice”, some have asked. The front signature is for those who enjoy seeing the artists signature in a framed art piece hanging on the wall. The pencil signature on the verso is the traditional and most archival method of signing photos, since the pencil markings will outlive any type of ink over the years. 

COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

All prints are shipped with a personalized, hand-signed and studio embossed Letter to Collectors, which contains care and handling suggestions as well as a list of the artworks purchased. This letter may also be used as a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Framing, Storage, Care

Mounting and framing of the prints should be done with extreme care and attention to detail.  Professional framing, or flat portfolio storage with archival paper interleaves is recommended. 

All prints are made with large white borders in order to: (a) protect the image area from finger prints, handling and other damage, and (b) inhibit deterioration of the image due to aging or environmental conditions.

General guidelines:  

1)  store or exhibit the photographs in a cool, dry place, avoiding excessive heat and humidity

2)  handle the prints as little as possible, and do not touch the printed surface

3)  use cotton gloves, and both hands, when picking up a print 

4)  do not display a print in direct sunlight for any extended period

5)  do not mount or frame with non-archival adhesive (household glue) or tape


The copyright to all images is retained by the photographer. No usage rights are granted for purchased fine art prints, unless specifically licensed and documented.   Prints are sold for private collection and exhibition only, and may not be otherwise used or reproduced in any manner without permission from Craig Morey, his agent, heirs or assigns. Publication without permission is specifically prohibited, including but not limited to: books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, cards, film, video, and digital media of any type. Documentary reproduction is permitted for insurance purposes only.


Prints are shipped unframed in archival acetate covers, in sturdy packaging. Shipments are sent via USPS First Class Insured or Priority Mail, and we guarantee safe delivery.  Prints are made to order,  after the purchase transaction is complete, and the time from purchase to shipping is usually 3 to 10 working days. We ship worldwide, with very few exceptions. Non-US buyers are responsible for any local customs fees or taxes, and we are unable to quote or predict what the possible fees may be in your local area.

Refunds, Returns

We guarantee safe delivery of your print order. If the order is lost, stolen or damaged in transit, please notify us immediately and we will make arrangements to replace it.  If you are unhappy with the prints you receive, you may return them in good condition and securely packaged, within 30 days (buyer pays return shipping) for a full refund of the original purchase cost.

Return address:  Morey Photo,  PO Box 8747,  Emeryville CA 94662 USA


All models depicted in these photographs were over the age of 18 at the time of production. In compliance with US Reg. 2257, signed releases and photo ID documents are kept on file in our California office.  We do not share personal information about any models. Some models are professionals who may be found/hired elsewhere on the web; however we do not arrange or facilitate connections between models and photographers or other site visitors. 

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